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cash =3$
cash =3$

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About this program

This well known program was founded in 2001 when a group of professional bankers and traders with over 15 years of combined experience united personal skills and ambitions for collective FOREX trading and mutual success. Until recently this program has been working mostly offline on the Central European market. Currently the company operates as a private pool where funds are diversified and invested in FOREX and arbitrage trading.

Investment Pools (scheme)

With over 2 trillion US Dollars daily volume FOREX is surely the most exciting markets for trading. Yet, it is very complicated. Time shows that only experienced traders are able to sufficiently benefit from trading. Their skilled-based strategies and excellent sense and knowledge of the industry are crucial factors. We provide solutions for individuals who lack time and/or will to enter the rapidly changing FOREX market. Moreover, our flexible investment program allows individuals to benefit from a much smaller initial investment as opposed to a $100 000 “start-up” in FOREX.

Arbitrage Trading has been mistakenly accounted for some sort of gambling, which it surely isn’t. Gambling involves risk, whereas Arbitrage Trading takes advantage of bookmakers with different views to guarantee a positive result. It is meant to generate a risk-free profit on the outcome of an event. Being a real gem out of sight in the world of financial opportunities, Arbitrage Trading provides truly unique possibilities for success as opposed to more volatile FOREX and Stock markets.

One of our strongest advantages over competitors is that our program provides the utmost flexibility and insurance in investing funds. Having 2 investment pools allows us to maintain a constant high interest rate for our clients. We can always benefit from Arbitrage in the rare case when the FOREX market is not friendly with us.


Originally “ The Program “ planned to maintain the status of a closed privately managed group. For several years our main slogan was: «We make money not for you, but together with you! ». Today our program enters the worldwide market as an open investment group with completely new conception: “You need no money to start your online capital!” That’s right. We give our clients a chance to start their own investment programs without any initial deposit. Only professional with a 100% belief in their success would make such an offer. We move the exchange rates! That’s why our success is not a celebration, it’s something we take for granted.


There are two major departments in this program. Corporate headquarters are located in the southern part of Vienna (Austria) in Wienerberg Business Park. Our Support Team consists of more than 40 professionals located in various parts of the world. We strive to constantly improve our performance by being instantly responsive to the needs of our clients, sharing our success with them and learning from our experience.

Convenient Banking

We have established firm relationships with Major European and Offshore Banks - you can transfer funds from your Brisbane or Royal Bank of Canada account to our Curacao, Nevis, Liechtenstein or any bank of your choice upon our agreement anytime, without any restrictions or red flags. Please note that we do not accept deposits over $100M unless proof of funds is presented.
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Online-Capital - online-capital.com
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